Thursday, August 29, 2013

Around the Web - Late August

It has been awhile since I put together a list of links, but a number of great pieces have come to my attention that you may not be familiar with.

Going to Hell
According to Christian doctrine, almost all of us are going to hell.

Egyptian Revolutionaries
The Egyptian Revolutionary Socialists make the case for condemning the Brotherhood and Military. Workers' Liberty made similar statements.

Marko presents the problems inherent with Ed Miliband's dithering on Syria. George Eaton disagrees. I tend to agree with Marko.

Alan Johnson says it is time for the big stick in Syria. Michael Totten has a great piece on the narrowing options for Syria.

Ed Jacobs gives an overview of some of the political parties throughout the UK and their stand on Syria.

In what could surely be an Onion piece, we have Donald Rumsfeld and Bill Kristol all giving expert advice on Syria. Doesn't mean they are wrong on all points, but these cats may not have the best history on successful intervention.

And of course, we have "anti-war" protesters carrying around the Syrian Ba'athist flag in western cities.

Working Class
We have belittled working class work, and it has made for a society of dropouts according to Gavin McInnes.

Of course, conspiracy theorists are already out claiming the Syrian chemical weapons attack was an Israeli/Jewish conspiracy.

Those dastardly Israeli's are helping Syrians in need.

Robert Park's excellent piece on the forgotten genocide in North Korea.

Kim Jong-un has executed his ex-girlfriend for pornography.

March on Washington
Paul Canning notices that Bayard Rustin may finally be getting his due.

Obama, Rustin, and the new LGBT Civil Rights movement.

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