Friday, August 31, 2012

Back in Action and Around the Web

I spent the summer in the Mediteranian (specifically Israel, Turkey, Greece, and Egypt), and had a great, eye opening set of experiences. I'll speak more about some of my adventures there later.

Although I wasn't here to post, thanks to the advent of smartphones, I was able to read a great deal while traveling and kept up with some of the debates circulating in our little corner of the web. Here are a few choice pieces, even if they are a few months old.

Alan Johnson critizes the Eurabia postulation that Europe is turning into a Muslim continent.

Bhaskar Sunkara talks about the Italian Communist Party in the 1960s.

Adam Holland addresses the vile Antisemitism at Counterpunch.

Bob addresses the Julian Assange rape /extradetion ordeal, argung that contrary to what some left leaning groups claim, we are not all Julian Assange.

Plump addresses  the Greek crisis.

Elizabeth Faue has a great piece in Dissent about the internal battles and changes in the labour movement.

James Stavridis argues that the West is winning in Afghanistan in the Guardian.

Marko's important and timely piece on the Henry Jackson Socity's right-ward drift away from its centrist/liberal roots.

Martin writes about his family lineage during the Age of Revolution.

Michael Totten on the anti-imperialism of fools.

Shiraz Socialist and the anatomy of the new Stalinism.

Ron Radosh and his early life at a predomintly communist school in NY.

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