Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Sad Red Earth takes down Glenn Greenwald

A.Jay Adler links to a post by Reilly at Counter-dominance on Glenn Greenwald in regard to a piece he wrote following the death of Cristopher Hitchens. The whole piece is worth your time, but here is a choice bit:
Just as in the Hitchens piece, Greenwald diminishes the actual societal forces at play on one side and invents forces by elevating trivialities on the other side, so that both conform to his narrative. And again as in his Hitchens post, Greenwald, writing from his influential platform over which he has complete editorial control, strikes the pose of victim on whom “demands” are being made even as he spends most of his word count on conflation and inference rather than directly addressing an argument, and even though the oppressive forces he tilts against are little more than other people’s opinion.
Update: 4:13 PM.


the sad red earth said...

Thanks much for the good word. I just want to clarify that other than my introduction, the actual lengthy substance of the post, including the words you quote, is by Reilly, who blogs at counter-dominance:

Rob H said...

Your quote is actually from this blog:

A. Jay just cross-posted that piece. Of course A. Jay's penned a few terrific pieces himself.

And this one:

Reilly said...

Thanks for both of your compliments. The first on the content and the second on assuming my writing to be Jay's. Seriously, I'm glad you found it noteworthy.

Roland Dodds said...

Thanks for the correction folks.