Sunday, January 01, 2012

How to Start a Revolution

I watched a new documentary on Gene Sharp tonight on Current TV, and the power his words have had in inspiring democratic, revolutionary discontent. The trailer for the film can be seen below, and should be sought out by anyone who reads this blog.

In Sharp's influential work, he writes the following words, which should ring true to all revolutionaries in the Muslim world.  
"The oft quoted phrase “Freedom is not free” is true. No outside force is coming to give oppressed people the freedom they so much want. People will have to learn how to take that freedom themselves. Easy it cannot be. 

If people can grasp what is required for their own liberation, they can chart courses of action which, through much travail, can eventually bring them their freedom. Then, with diligence they can construct a new democratic order and prepare for its defense. Freedom won by struggle of this type can be durable. It can be maintained by a tenacious people committed to its preservation and enrichment." 
They will however have the support of democrats elsewhere, in whatever form we can provide. They are not alone in their struggle for liberty and justice.

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