Saturday, June 25, 2011

New Joshua Muravchik

Some of Muravchik's recent posts over at World Affairs magazine.
- Libya: The Next Great Betrayal?
- Make Libya a No-Fly Zone
- US 'Intelligence': Blinded by Ideology
- Egypt and the Way of Revolutions

Joshua was interviewed on Jim Glassman's Ideas in Action program, talking about Egypt and their revolution. He also had a piece at NRO on Obama's ME policy.

Trashing Dictatorship in Cairo at the Jewish Review of Books.

Obama's Trap in Syria, from a few months back at the Daily Beast.

And one from the vaults: the interview he had with Alan Johnson at Democratiya from a few years back.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Republican turn towards isolationism?

A few good pieces about the level of support for isolationist or “fortress America” policies in the Republican Party and the conservative base.

Douthat describes how he ended up in Rand Paul’s camp.

Ron Radosh’s excellent piece on why this urge towards isolationism must be rejected.

And Jonathan Chait on why this whole “anti-interventionist swing” is hype.