Wednesday, May 18, 2011

LaRouche/ Ron Paul Heartbreak

Both men are batshit, and share many conspiratorial views, but I guess LaRouche didn't care much for Paul's recent comments about Medicare and Social Security being "unconstitutional." From LaRouche's PAC:
Lyndon LaRouche responded that "Ron Paul is off the wall on this one. I have never trusted him and now my lack of trust in him is confirmed. He says some useful things, but there are too many screw ball angles.

"He is talking like an idiot. He does not know the meaning of the U.S. Constitution. He is either illiterate or he is drinking the wrong juice these days."
The fact that I still LaRouche followers out in full force at protests and events (they were at the Sacramento Capitol CTA protest last week and at a random event i attended in Sebastopol) should scare Americans. Recently, they picked up some media attention for the Obama=Hitler images we saw at health care debates, but LaRouche's group has a long history of bizarre and occasionally violent extremism (check out Dennis Tourish's book on political cults for a great history).