Friday, March 11, 2011

Thursday, March 10, 2011

On the Revolution

Shame to say, but a post has been long overdue. The real life has demanded my attention as of late, and so the blogging took a hit. The last post was just a few days after the Egyptian rebellion began, and the revolution has developed significantly from there. Brighter minds kept working however, and here are some points I would have liked to make.

Terry Glavin's work has been exemplary, and here are his last three pieces on Lybia. The last one one the "realism" of Michael Scheuer is well worth your time.

I have seen some of my old comrades recognize the fault in supporting isolationist, reactionary elements now that the people in the Arab world have demanded liberty (well, not everyone). Adam Holland's piece on Cynthia McKinney's overt support for Ghadafi, the onetime presidential candidate for the Green Party (a group a once worked for), should end her "career." Like I said, should.

It goes without saying that you should be reading Bob's.

Shiraz Socialist talks a bit about Qaddafi's LSE friends.

I holy endorse Marko's piece at the Henry Jackson Society, "Better hostile democracies than friendly dictatorships." Read it.

Michael Totten has a new book out, that is timely at this point in time. I have a copy on my desk, and look forward to getting into it once life has calmed down.

More of this later.