Sunday, January 30, 2011

On the Egyptian Revolution

More on this later, but Marko’s post deserves all the attention it can get.
"Rather than being paralysed by fear, we should anticipate what the democratic transformation in Egypt could mean. It could mean that a regime that has been generating Islamist terrorism will be replaced by one that will act as a catalyst for democratic transformation throughout the Arab world and the Middle East. It could mean a decisive shift in the balance between democracy and dictatorship within the Muslim world globally. Of course, this is not pre-ordained, and things could go very badly wrong in Egypt. But let us in the West keep our eyes on the prize, and do everything we can to assist our Egyptian sisters and brothers in their struggle against tyranny. Obama and Cameron should begin by telling Mubarak that it’s time to go.

Let the tyrants tremble – victory to the Egyptian revolution!"
I agree completely. If the Muslim Brotherhood finds a way to leach of this popular uprising, then we will fight them as we would any theocratic organization or state. But the Egyptian people deserve the opportunity to build a secular and free society, and I support their efforts.