Monday, August 22, 2011

The World Keeps Turning

Like Jeffrey Goldberg (and dare I say, Stephen Walt?), I am hesitant to make any kind of overly zealous postulation about the rebel victory in Libya. Things are still unclear, and the difficult state building part of the revolution has yet to come, but seeing video and photos of people celebrating throughout the country was inspiring. What started as a peaceful protest against an authoritarian regime was met with violent, murderous force (as authoritarian regimes often do). Over six months, the Libyan people fought against the regime, and with the aid of foreign governments and the international community, were able to turn the tide against Qaddafi.

This picture is quiet astounding. Taken last year at the Arab-African summit, we see Ben Ali of Tunisia, Ali Abdullah Saleh of Yemen, Qaddafi of Libya, and Mubarak of Egypt. The only man still in charge is Saleh, and his control is tenuous at best.


jams o donnell said...

It is pleasing to see that Ghaddafi is pretty much toast but I daresay there will be a fair amount of violence in the weeks and months to come.

THe biggest challenge will be making a new Libyan nation. I wish the people well

Daniel Stark said...

And so go Tyrants, into the fire. If only the UN/NATO had a stronger role to keep stability. How many of these countries will turn themselves inside out in a year or two? I hope not, yet with a new democracy it brings unpredictability, from success (is it a bad thing I can mention one off hand?) to near failure (Iraq to a degree, Pakistan). Yet the alternative, authoritarian thugs? People power is always preferable.