Sunday, August 21, 2011

False-Flag Black Metal

A few days back, a Burzum track came up on a mix I had created a few years ago. The man behind the project is Varg Vikernes, a convicted murderer in Norway and a well known Neo-Nazi/white nationalist. Varg has played a prominent role in the racist tendency within Black Metal, and is a bit of a celebrity of sorts within that movement (Graeme has a great series of posts about NSBM which are worth your time if all this talk about Black Metal and its intersection white nationalism seems daunting). After hearing the Burzum track, I wondered what Norway’s most famous underground racist had to say about the recent right-wing terrorist attack? Did he support Anders Behring Breivik’s actions, or his ideological outlook?

Apparently Varg did comment, and it’s a doozy. Graeme gave me the heads up to a post by Metal Jew which states:
“Ever since hearing about the recent terrorist attack in Norway I have wondered about what Varg Vikernes's reaction would be. Well, wonder no longer: he has posted his thoughts in a post on his website entitled War in Europe: Part I - Cui bono?.

The answer to the question 'Cui Bono' is of course is the Jews!”
Surprise, surprise! The racist metalhead, who has positioned himself as a new voice for white nationalism in Europe, mixing paganism, self-determination, and tradition in equal parts, blames the Jews for the Oslo attack! Metal Jew goes on to echo something I had previously thought:
“What surprises me is the explicitness with which Vikernes regurgitates the most predictable elements of antisemitism (Jews invented Marxism, feminism, freemasonry, psychology etc etc). I never had any illusions about his beliefs but I did feel that at the very least he had more subtlety and originality in their expression (not that it makes them any better of course).”
Graeme rightfully pegged the idiot: “Of course he's a dull neo-Nazi! This much has always been obvious! The guy made a couple of interesting records, but he's never said or written anything that's indicated that there's an intellect behind the music.

So there is Varg’s take, yet another “false flag” conspiracy theorist to add to the pile.

On this note, I recently watched a documentary on the Norwegian Black Metal scene that has some extensive interviews with Varg about murdering his band mate and other notorious Norwegian BM events. Watch the whole thing bellow.

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Graeme said...

Who Makes The Nazis has a post up about National Socialist Black Metal here:

I have some problems with the piece that I probably won't ever get around to blogging about. Maybe though.