Saturday, October 23, 2010

In Your Neck of the Woods - Part 1

Here are some key posts from folks around the net. More to come.

Adam Holland addresses Glenn Greenwald's support for conspiracy theorists.

Kellie on the Afghan War and War on TV.

Anti-German Translation on the Anti-Zionism of fools.

Required reading at Bob's on the EDL.

Jeff Weintraub on what Saudis think of the Jews.

Harry's Place has the dummy's guide to Lambertism.

Marko likely picked up traffic to his site this week with his post on Angelina Jolie's Bosnian imbroglio.

Another great piece from Nick Cohen: Why Books are Our Last Great Hope.

Joshua Muravchik on Free Speech and the Slippery Slope.

Modernity on Toben, Zundel and Sizer.

Michael Totten on the Muslim Brotherhood's true face.

Martin on the Chilean Miners and Chilean history.