Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Recent Muravchik

I have disagreed with Joshua Muravchik over his characterization of the Obama administration as “radical” as he does in his recent book, but he has posted a few great pieces as of late.

He has come out in support of gay marriage in a piece titled “Why Gay Marriage Just Makes Sense.” In it, he states:
Decades ago, foreign policy, crime, and reverse discrimination were the issues that drove me from the Left, making me a “neoconservative.” Over decades, I came to see the wisdom of the views of traditional conservatives on other subjects like government spending, welfare, school prayer, and more. But as for opposition to gay marriage, I just don’t get it.
He has another piece on what appears to be the inevitable bombing of Iranian nuclear sites, and one on problems with the UN.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


As you can tell, things have been slow around here lately. This has probably been the longest this blog has gone without a post since its inception.

Spending the entire summer working on my graduate dissertation (a constructivist reading of American state-building in Iraq and Afghanistan, if you were interested) took a great deal of my mental state away from writing for the sheer joy of it. Even posting a roundup of other pieces by fellow bloggers seemed daunting.

I have started teaching back in California as of last week all while working on another graduate degree in education in the afternoons and evenings. Getting used to this new, busy schedule has been physically and mentally draining.

I do plan to continue writing here however, and I have a few pieces rummaging around my head away at this very moment. Expect regular posting to return next week or so.