Thursday, May 13, 2010

Post Election Blues

Here's what's happening, in your neck of the woods.

Airforce Amazons - Five executions by the Iranian state.

Marko reminds us that the world isn't going to end with the Tories in power.

Michael Totten interviews Paul Berman, who has a new book coming out, The Flight of the Intellectuals.

Nick Cohen on our sycophancy to power.

Graeme on Music and Politics.

Terry Glavin - The U.S. to Afghanistan: 'We Will Not Abandon You.'

Joshua Muravchik says Obama isn't much of a centrist, and also talks about Miranda rights for terrorists.

Bob talks the British election.

The New Centrist has more on the Arizona immigration law.

Anti-German Translation - The anti-authoritarian left embraces the anti-Zionist right

And last but not least, a Hamas/Hezbollah supporter reveals what she really thinks at a David Horowitz lecture.