Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Over at Propagandist Magazine

My first article for the Propagandist Magazine is up. I address the unfortunate turn towards the legitimization of feelings in the public debate, and its conspiratorial repercussions. Here is a snippet:
“The acceptance of conspiratorial reasoning in our public debate represents a larger problem that has regrettably become undeniable and inescapable. Conspiracies are nothing new; the first men sitting around their fire, terrified of the formidable world around them, devised explanations for this struggle not founded in empirically verifiable specifics. We may no longer be a society crouched around burning embers, praying for the ability to fend off the demons we have created, but we continue to accept and justify soft-headed answers based on unverifiable revelations or pious justifications for action.”

Some of your may know of Propagandist magazine from the debate over right/left alliances at Bob from Brockley’s place. While I haven’t commented publicly on this issue yet, I will likely address it in a future post here at this blog.

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