Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Outside the Whitman/Brown Debate at UC Davis

The protesters outside the gubernatorial debate speak volumes about the level of enthusiasm party activists have for the two major candidates. The cheers and jeers were uninspired and tired. A few union personnel showed up, as well as a handful of students and Tea Party activists, but the crowd remained diminutive and subdued.

We did have this spirited yelling match between a Democratic activist and a Tea Party counterpart, complete with the always classic “go back to Russia” rejoinder.

Angry Democrat with Tea Party at Whitman/Brown debate from rolanddodds on Vimeo.

There were a handful of tea party activists supporting anti-immigration, American Independent Party candidate for governor, Chelene Nightingale. Loren Hanks, a Tea Party Republican, was also at the debate although he did not have a vocal contingency.

(Nightingale with Hanks)

I saw this flyer supporting Calros Alvarez, a Socialist candidate running for Governor behind one of the major media booths. Unfortunately for Carlos, this act of self-promotion didn't turn into more media coverage for his doomed campaign.

Then there was this guy, who mumbled incoherently about this and that.

Other than that, the protest was exactly what I anticipated and was trailed by the depressing debate that characterizes what’s wrong with California politics.

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Anonymous said...

It's hard to get very excited about anything when it's 102 degrees.