Friday, September 10, 2010


It's time for a good old blog roundup.

Bob's has been exceptionally excellent as of late. This post and the subsequent comments are required reading for all those interested in the "decent" left.

Dave Zeglen, writing at the Propagandist, has a fine piece on North Korean succession.

Marko has a great piece titled "Srebrenica deniers get their mucky paws on Rwanda"

Ahmari at Harry's Place has a piece on the blogger crackdown in Bahrain.

Omar Al-Nidawi from Iraq the Model did an interview on the Brian Lehrer Show on the troop draw down in Iraq.

Martin hits the Koran burning story right on the head with his piece "No book burning - but no excuse for violence."

Michael Totten talks to Jonathan Spyer about Iran.

Joshua Muravchik on the Israeli/Palestinian peace talks.

Required reading from Nick Cohen on radical Islam's fellow travelers.

Terry Glavin has been in top form lately. Check out his new short piece, "If There's A Hell, It Would Be Attending This Conference, For Eternity."

For more roundups, I endorse the following by Anti-German Translation and Poumista.

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Bob said...

Thanks for the excessively kind words, and for the (as always) great selection of links.