Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Justice for Du'a Khalil

Finally, some justice on the murder of Du'a Khalil. From Worker’s Liberty:
According to official sources at Ninawa Criminal Court, the four people charged with the stoning of Du'a Khalil Aswad on 7 April 2007 have been sentenced to death. The decision was made on 27 March, just three weeks before the third anniversary of Du'as murder.

It is reported that two of the convicted men are Du'a's brothers. Du'a was stoned to death in front of almost 2,000 men; with Iraqi police maintaining "law and order" while the stoning took place. The authorities knew about the atrocity, but did not prevent it.

The International Campaign against the Killing and Stoning of Women in Kurdistan has campaigned tirelessly for the killers to be brought to justice. Our campaign was the first to expose Du'a's murder, and brought great pressure to bear on the Iraqi government and Kurdistan regional government through demonstrations, seminars, conferences and a petition to the Kurdish parliament signed by 16,000 people across the world. We demanded not only the bringing of Du'a's killers to justice, but an end to so-called 'crimes of honour'.

But the decision to execute the killers is no justice and not what we want.”

They are better folks than I am. I for one, am happy to know these assholes will soon be dead.


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Dua's brothers were not among the codemned. Their names can be found on the internet, I've seen them, and they do not include her own brothers. They are probably cousins. Her killers were mainly uncles and cousins, sons of her father's brother, and also one cousin on her mother's side. But her immediate family has suffered from this and tried to protect her. Her brothers helped to dig up her body the next day, with her parents. Grenades have been thrown in their courtyard.
Although one brother was in the crowd, he was not throwing stones and was probably forced to be there by his cousins and uncle.