Tuesday, February 16, 2010


When not arguing over the same old tired positions at my blog, I actually get around to reading pieces by other folks. Here are a few fine ones.

On the Amnesty International debacle, we have Airforce Amazons, Martin, Nick Cohen, Terry Glavin, and Christopher Hitchens.

Snoopy has an interesting bit (with some choice comments) about Tammy Obeidallah, the Intifadagirl.

The New Centrist and Bob from Brockley discuss Im Tirtzu. Bob also talks Marxism and Moonbats this week.

Concerning Palestinian activists dressing as Avatar characters, Johnny brings me this review of the film by resident Stalinists.

Graeme reminds me of an important anniversary that should be a paid holiday as far as I am concerned.

Joshua Muravchik writes about Iran, and what we can do.

Adam Holland: Ron Paul's website morns anti-Semitic author.

Anti-German translation has some links concerning Anarcho-Zionism.

Martin Kramer on the Chronologically-challenged Professor Walt.


bob said...

Thanks for link.

As always, very fine company to be among!

SnoopyTheGoon said...

Thanks for the link, Roland.

What Bob sez ;-)

TNC said...

Thanks for the link. And check out Bob's post on Im Tirtzu/NIF if you are interested.

Steve Hayes said...

First I've heard of the "Amnesty debacle"... what is it?