Friday, January 15, 2010


Let’s take a look at some fine, recent posts by a few fellow bloggers and commentators.

Michael Totten has a two part interview with Christopher Hitchens.

Adam Holland - Harold Ford backed anti-union, anti-gay, anti-Jewish congressional candidacy of Nikki Tinker

A long list of quality links from Bob, as well as the extensive discussion on Chomsky and the "Decents."

The New Centrist - 25 Years Ago Today: A Hero Stood His Ground and Fought Back

Greater Surbiton - Ten things I’d like to see more of in the 2010s

Martin in the Margins - Balancing Bans

Jeff Weintraub - The American war in Iraq trails off

John Avlon - Shameless Haiti Wingnuts

Michael Signer - The Neoconservative Père et Fils


TNC said...

Thanks for the link!

Bob said...

And thanks from me too.

Have you seen this on your friend Cynthia: