Friday, October 02, 2009

The UCSC Occupation Ends in a Mess

Well, the activists who occupied the UCSC Graduate Commons have called it quits, and like most of these actions, have left a wake of opponents behind. From the Santa Cruz Sentinel:
"Demonstrators who staged a weeklong occupation of the UC Santa Cruz Graduate Student Commons left on Thursday in an agreement with the students who govern the building's use.

But anthropology graduate student Chelsey Juarez, president of the Commons board, said the protesters who called themselves Occupy California left the center "filthy" despite agreeing to clean the second-floor space before vacating. She said the group left clothes, pillows and other trash behind, as well as graffiti outside the building and in a women's restroom.

Juarez said the group soiled $26,000 worth of new furniture, and created stains on carpet that the Commons board had just spent $40,000 to clean before the fall quarter started

Great foresight guys.

A Series of Tubes has a good wrap up of the occupation.