Friday, July 31, 2009

Christine Ahn: Kim Jong Il’s Apologist

What moron at CNN decided it was a good idea to put one of America’s thickest apologists for the North Korean government on the air?

Joshua from One Free Korea brings her recent network appearance to my attention.

Here are some other choice bits from the “policy analyst with the Korea Policy Institute.” (I guess that sounds better than “lying despotic appeaser.”)
Nevertheless we persist in attributing the cause of North Korea’s famine to an “evil dictator” who must be dislodged before the country can get back on its feet. But this is far from the truth according to Theodor Friedrich, Senior Agriculturalist for the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations. In Pyongyang, in 2004, one of us asked him if an “evil dictator” was the cause of the famine. He responded that, to the contrary, what he observed was that because of North Korea’s exceptional centralized food distribution system and collective spirit, a great many lives were saved.

And of course, the inevitable dodge all totalitarian allies fall back upon.
North Korea has been tarred with the label of human rights abuser. Those of us in the U.S. who care about the human rights of North Koreans might ask ourselves what role the U.S. has played over the course of six decades in the suffering of North Koreans and in the current cross-border movement. And rather than wring our hands about a mysterious man half-way around the world, we might take responsibility for our country's foreign policy and work to help change it.

Truly incredible. I second Joshua’s sentiments.
No doubt, John Feffer is already writing a dissertation on how these sanctions are starving North Korean babies. Whereas Feffer specializes in half-truths, Ahn is just a reckless liar who claims that North Korea’s food situation has stablized, that North Korea really wants to reform and engage with us, and who blames U.S. sanctions for hunger when in fact U.S. sanctions against North Korea make every possible effort to avoid hurting its food supply (caviar and lobsters excluded, of course). The World Food Program will tell you that the food situation has become less secure in recent years, and the North Korean regime itself recently refused all food aid from the United States, historically North Korea’s largest donor. There is abundant evidence that the North is trying to stamp out markets, and no recent evidence supports Ahn’s assertions about economic reform.

And yet, despite those legions of fact-checkers, some buffoon at CNN put this mendacious Kim Jong Il apologist on the air. Is it any wonder that people turn to Fox out of sheer disgust

I’ve given long and careful thought to how a civil society ought to deal with views as offensive as real-time holocaust denial like Ahn’s and Feffer’s, and I’m sure you will agree with me that they should be caged and poked with sharp sticks