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Thursday, March 26, 2009

...and now, Morons for Lovelle

There was a rally in Oakland on Wednesday to honor Lovelle Mixon, the cop-killer rapist who killed 4 innocent people last week and is suspected of raping a slew of young girls in Oakland. But hey, he couldn't find a job, right? He's just a victim of circumstances, right?

Indybay obviously covered the event.

Idiots. If these protesters had half a brain to use, they would see with clarity that Lovelle was the individual oppressing his community. It is folks like him that keep working folks trying to raise their families and live their lives cowering in their homes. There is nothing about this man’s life that should be celebrated or honored; he has made life hell for the people that live around him, and to see these “revolutionaries” misrepresent the life this man lived is a disgrace.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

CodePink Kids

Gotta love child indoctrination.

Around Tokyo

Pictures of government buildings from my recent trip to Japan.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Indybay Loves Copkillers

This weekend, 4 Oakland police officers were murdered by an individual named Lovelle Mixon, a 26-year-old parolee who feared returning for jail and was wanted on a no-bail warrant for violating his parole. Mixon killed two officers when they pulled over his vehicle (Sgt. Mark Dunakin, 40, and Sgts. Ervin Romans, 43) and another two when they stormed his home where he was holed up with an AK-47 (Daniel Sakai, 35 and John Hege, 41).

Mixon’s family has claimed that Lovelle was frustrated over not finding a job after being released from prison for an earlier assault with a firearm. The SF Chronical is reporting today that Lovelle was also linked to an unsolved rape. Something tells me that when you have a temperament that leads to rape and the deaths of 4 innocent men, you have issues beyond a criminal record impeding your search for employment. The fact that most folks who can’t find a job don’t go on a murder rampage should negate this entire argument altogether. Mixon’s family claimed he wasn’t that bad a guy after all. The SF Gate reports:
He's not a monster," said his sister, 24-year-old Enjoli Mixon, whose apartment on 74th Avenue was where Mixon was slain in a gun battle with police that left two Oakland SWAT officers dead. "I don't want people to think he's a monster. He's just not. He's just not."
Killing 4 innocent men puts you in the monster class in my book. It also puts him in the hero category in the eyes of some, like the idiots at Indybay, who are sympathetic to murders of all stripes. A recent piece diverts attention away from the facts of the case, and attempts to blame the deaths on the department’s response to the initial murder. It states:
What is clear, however, is that a young African American man from Oakland who was only a suspect was promptly killed rather than arrested. Although nothing yet suggests that the two motorcycle officers could have avoided their fate, Mr. Mixon's death, and the deaths of the two Swat officers, might very well have been avoided if reasonable attempts to negotiate Mr. Mixon's voluntary exit had been exhausted.”
Well “Copwatch13,” if that is the “clarity” you take from the reported aspects of this incident thus far, you need to take some ethics and reasoning classes at your local JC. I don’t know what the Oakland Police Department’s protocol is for entering a building for an armed suspect, but neither do you. Nor do you have access to any information that would lead us to believe the officers rushed to judgement in dealing with this psychopath. If anything, reputable news reports counter this slanders claim that the cops did not take adequate precautions. The SF Gate writes:
“An anonymous tipster told police that the suspect was in an apartment building just blocks from the original shooting. The SWAT team was called to the site and took control of the area around the building. After repeated attempts to communicate with the suspect, SWAT officers entered the building around 3:30 p.m.”
We will likely hear more about this case in the days to come, but watching knee-jerk cop hater’s jump to the conclusion that it was the murdered officer’s fault that this happened is sickening in its idiocy.

But even more repellent than the actual piece, is the comments that follow it. Here are just a few choice bits.
- “Why did Mixon have a rifle in his vehicle? To protect himself from the jack-booted thugs that suppress our rights under direct orders from the state. This, my friends, is the beginning of the coming revolution. Mixon is a true patriot, and the rest of us are the sheep that sit back and let the system screw us everyday.

- “There's no such thing as an innocent cop in Oakland. It's a terrorist organization. You're either with the terrorists, or you're with the forces of good.”

- “By all descriptions Mr. Mixon was just your typical young guy, fresh out of State Prison with an illegal assault rifle and handgun. It wasn't his fault that he hid in a closet and was forced to blast away through the door when he heard someone approaching.

Maybe it time to blame the police department

- “i imagine that the other cops learned an important lesson yesterday and won't be so quick to storm in to the next guy's house. oaklanders fight back. 1 for 4...
who lost that battle? let it be a lesson.”


Fuck these idiots. Anyone who can sympathize with a cold blooded killer over his victims is a mental cretin that should be forced to eat their own excrement while digging their own graves.

With activists like these, it’s no wonder the left is dead.

Rippa has some good commentary on Lowelle Mixon.