Friday, November 06, 2009

Mahmoud Vahidnia, A Very Big Man

A math student in Tehran has done the unthinkable: asked why Iranian citizens can't criticize the clerical leadership in the country.
"I don't know why in this country it's not allowed to make any kind of criticism of you," said the student, wearing a long-sleeved blue polo shirt and appearing calm.

"In the past three to five years that I have been reading newspapers, I have seen no criticism of you, not even by the Assembly of Experts, whose duty is to criticize and supervise the performance of the leader," he said, referring to the clerical body that chooses the country's supreme leader.

Khamenei countered, "We welcome criticism. We never said not to criticize us. ... There's plenty of criticism that I receive," according to accounts in state media and on opposition Web sites

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Anonymous said...

well thx God. Finally some one started to talk him like human , not like God