Thursday, October 08, 2009

From Ethiopia, With Love

Living in a new city, along with having new roommates from around the globe, has broadened my musical tastes a spot since coming to Edinburgh. One of my fellow graduate students in the international politics program is an Ethiopian citizen, and while I had a decent understanding of Ethiopia’s contribution to the world’s music collective, he has turned me on to some excellent musicians from the country I had never heard before.

Chief among them has been Afewerq Yohannes and Girma Hadgo. Here is an excellent track that can be found on the Ethiopian Urban Modern Music compilation.


bob said...

Fantastic stuff. Thanks. (The link doesn't exactly work - you need to chop it up a bit.)

Roland Dodds said...

Fixed. Sorry about that.

Noa said...

Hey Roland,

Great music, thanks.
I also recommend the Idan Raichel Project, which is a mix of Israeli and Ethiopian music:

Hope you like it :)