Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Meet the New Leader, Sadly Like the Old Leader

Based on the propaganda coming out of North Korea, we can only assume that Kim Jong Il’s son (Kim Jong Un) has been placed firmly in the leadership position. The Mainichi reports:
According to several internal documents of the North Korean authorities that the Mainichi has obtained, Pyongyang is hastily preparing the way for Kim Jong Un to take over. The documents also state that Kim Jong Un played an important role in what the North described as a satellite launch in April.

"Anyone who meets him (Kim Jong Un) is fascinated by him," the text says, as well as praising him as "a military talent who has genius wisdom and policy" and that he "resembles our great general (Kim Jong Il) so much in appearance."

The documents also state that Kim Jong Un commanded the air force as a "vengeful commander" when there were mounting calls in Japan and the United States for intercepting the North Korean missile in April, and that Kim Jong Il once joked that an enemy country would suffer if Kim Jong Un chose to counterattack
Wonderful. He even looks like that fat piece of dung that is his father.

(HT FP Passport.)

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