Monday, August 24, 2009

Late August Links

I am back at my parent’s farm for a few weeks before I start my studies at the University of Edinburgh. The grape crop is nearly ready to be picked, so I will be busy preparing for it, and as this is my first go at farming, there is a great deal to learn.

I am still catching up on some of my favorite bloggers and columnists, but here are a few choice pieces.

The President and the 'Necessary War' Myth – Robert Kagan

Think Again: Realism – Paul Wolfowitz

Alhurra Presents Joshua Muravchik

Iran is an Elite "Compromise" or a Coup in the Works - Jeff Weintraub

I saw Lockerbie's victims. Tell their families the truth
- Nick Cohen

The People will Win. Long Live Afghanistan - Terry Glavin

Going gaa gaa about Galbally - Johnny Guitar

Christopher Hitchens and Robert Service talk Trotsky - Poumista

Ahmadinejad Picks Terrorist for Defense Minister of Iran - The New Centrist

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