Sunday, June 21, 2009

Recent Joshua Muravchik Activity

“The Abandonment of Democracy” – Commentary Magazine

“Junk Poll Boosted Tehran Tyrants” – New York Post

An audio interview with Al Kresta on his new book, “The Next Founders.”

A video discussion with Glenn Reynolds on democracy in the Middle East.

A radio interview with Milt Rosenberg.

And a video debate from May on the Alhurra television network, mostly in Arabic.


An interview on the Ed Morrissey Show.


Korsch said...

Thanks for the links Roland; it is hard to locate his recent doings. It is too bad Joshua doesn’t have a website where all his recent articles are made available.

Roland Dodds said...

I too wish he had a blog/website that could keep his fans in the know. I end up having to crawl through a number of blogs and search engines to locate all the bits.

I’ll try to post what he produces as it comes in.