Sunday, June 28, 2009


Opposing Coups – Harry’s Place

Murder in Tehran
– Your Friend in the North

For Radical Islam, the End Begins and Darkness in Tehran - Joshua Muravchik

Victory in Iraq - Fareed Zakaria

Role of Women In Iran Protest Kindles Hope - Sudarsan Raghavan

In Berkeley...even the private-school students are communists
- Zombie Time

Holocaust Museum shooter's letters to Marine Corps General show longstanding ties to racist right – Adam Holland

Kellie at Airforce Amazons has been doing a good job following the Iranian protests.

I also endorse Bob’s roundup.

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J. Shepherd said...

RE: "Victory in Iraq": I enjoyed the article by Zakaria on Iraq. It kind of gave me a different perspective. All's well that ends well, right? (I say that, still, w/a touch of cynicism). I still think it's sad, that the fact remains, that "you can't make an omlette w/o breaking a few eggs." I do not think I could ever make the decisions that would mean life or death for others. Could you? But, I do mourn the short attention span we, as a country, seem to have for sticking it out in some of these adventures in democracy. We shouldn't get too arrogant about what we can achieve. Anyhow, keep on rocking in the Korean Republic. (there, i posted it)