Tuesday, June 30, 2009

America’s George Galloway (without the pleasant Scottish accent)

Hold on to your pantaloons everyone, because the left wing’s favourite 9/11 Truther, “anti-Zionist,”, and recent Green Party presidential candidate is starting up her own political party, which will apparently be modeled after Galloway’s RESPCET Party in Britain. Adam Holland brings us the story.
Also in June, McKinney announced her founding a political party seemingly modeled after one founded in the U.K. by George Galloway. Galloway's was called "Respect"; McKinney's is called "Dignity". Galloway and McKinney have much in common. Galloway, like McKinney, went from serving as a legislator with a major party, to a career devoted to endless self-promotion on the political fringes. Like Galloway before her, McKinney seeks to bring together an anti-Israel coalition of the far-left and Muslim communities. Like Galloway, she appears ready to do business with those who oppose democratic values in their own countries while decrying Israel and the U.S. as undemocratic.”
Holy hot dogs...you better believe this group is going to give me plenty to comment on around here. I just hope some fringe Trotskyite group allies with “Dignity” and then has a very public break with said group and airs out their dirty laundry on the internet. Maybe they could hold party meetings where women sit in the back of the room, all the while championing their feminist credentials.

The train wreck that will inevitably be “Dignity” will be a sight to behold.

McKinney wrote of her new party:
We have brains, we have brawn, and we’ve got guts. But is that enough?
We’ve learned from our neighbors to our South, from Mexico, Cuba, and Haiti; Venezuela, Ecuador, Bolivia, and Nicaragua that we don’t have to settle for less than what we need from politics.

And I’m tired of feeling trapped in the politics of self-abnegation. If people in other parts of the world can do it, then we must be able to do it, too.

That remains to be seen, however.

So, Dignity is attempting to show that real change is possible
She is right: real change is possible. But if this Jew hating conspiracy theorist is at the helm, you can expect more of the same old rubbish.

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faceless said...

do you really think it's 'self-promotion' for Galloway to have said so many of the things he has?

In what way is half of that going to do him any favours?

You're talking out of your arse.