Monday, March 23, 2009

Indybay Loves Copkillers

This weekend, 4 Oakland police officers were murdered by an individual named Lovelle Mixon, a 26-year-old parolee who feared returning for jail and was wanted on a no-bail warrant for violating his parole. Mixon killed two officers when they pulled over his vehicle (Sgt. Mark Dunakin, 40, and Sgts. Ervin Romans, 43) and another two when they stormed his home where he was holed up with an AK-47 (Daniel Sakai, 35 and John Hege, 41).

Mixon’s family has claimed that Lovelle was frustrated over not finding a job after being released from prison for an earlier assault with a firearm. The SF Chronical is reporting today that Lovelle was also linked to an unsolved rape. Something tells me that when you have a temperament that leads to rape and the deaths of 4 innocent men, you have issues beyond a criminal record impeding your search for employment. The fact that most folks who can’t find a job don’t go on a murder rampage should negate this entire argument altogether. Mixon’s family claimed he wasn’t that bad a guy after all. The SF Gate reports:
He's not a monster," said his sister, 24-year-old Enjoli Mixon, whose apartment on 74th Avenue was where Mixon was slain in a gun battle with police that left two Oakland SWAT officers dead. "I don't want people to think he's a monster. He's just not. He's just not."
Killing 4 innocent men puts you in the monster class in my book. It also puts him in the hero category in the eyes of some, like the idiots at Indybay, who are sympathetic to murders of all stripes. A recent piece diverts attention away from the facts of the case, and attempts to blame the deaths on the department’s response to the initial murder. It states:
What is clear, however, is that a young African American man from Oakland who was only a suspect was promptly killed rather than arrested. Although nothing yet suggests that the two motorcycle officers could have avoided their fate, Mr. Mixon's death, and the deaths of the two Swat officers, might very well have been avoided if reasonable attempts to negotiate Mr. Mixon's voluntary exit had been exhausted.”
Well “Copwatch13,” if that is the “clarity” you take from the reported aspects of this incident thus far, you need to take some ethics and reasoning classes at your local JC. I don’t know what the Oakland Police Department’s protocol is for entering a building for an armed suspect, but neither do you. Nor do you have access to any information that would lead us to believe the officers rushed to judgement in dealing with this psychopath. If anything, reputable news reports counter this slanders claim that the cops did not take adequate precautions. The SF Gate writes:
“An anonymous tipster told police that the suspect was in an apartment building just blocks from the original shooting. The SWAT team was called to the site and took control of the area around the building. After repeated attempts to communicate with the suspect, SWAT officers entered the building around 3:30 p.m.”
We will likely hear more about this case in the days to come, but watching knee-jerk cop hater’s jump to the conclusion that it was the murdered officer’s fault that this happened is sickening in its idiocy.

But even more repellent than the actual piece, is the comments that follow it. Here are just a few choice bits.
- “Why did Mixon have a rifle in his vehicle? To protect himself from the jack-booted thugs that suppress our rights under direct orders from the state. This, my friends, is the beginning of the coming revolution. Mixon is a true patriot, and the rest of us are the sheep that sit back and let the system screw us everyday.

- “There's no such thing as an innocent cop in Oakland. It's a terrorist organization. You're either with the terrorists, or you're with the forces of good.”

- “By all descriptions Mr. Mixon was just your typical young guy, fresh out of State Prison with an illegal assault rifle and handgun. It wasn't his fault that he hid in a closet and was forced to blast away through the door when he heard someone approaching.

Maybe it time to blame the police department

- “i imagine that the other cops learned an important lesson yesterday and won't be so quick to storm in to the next guy's house. oaklanders fight back. 1 for 4...
who lost that battle? let it be a lesson.”


Fuck these idiots. Anyone who can sympathize with a cold blooded killer over his victims is a mental cretin that should be forced to eat their own excrement while digging their own graves.

With activists like these, it’s no wonder the left is dead.

Rippa has some good commentary on Lowelle Mixon.


TNC said...

I lived in Oakland for close to a decade and have a lot of family and friends who still live there. I was going to post something on this but I need time to wrap my head around it. Any post at Indymedia is bound to bring out the lunatics but some of the comments are downright bloodthirsty.

One thing radical leftists fail to understand is most law abiding people who live in high crime areas of Oakland want more police protection, not less.

RiPPa said...


Had I read some of the commentary you did on Indybay, I suppose my post on this animal would have been a lot more harsh. Thanks for linking my post. I thoroughly enjoyed reading yours. I've never heard of Indybay but I'll be sure to keep an eye out for them from here on out.

Thanks again.

Rick Caldwell said...

I don't believe the cops are to blame in this situation. Nor do I believe that Mixon is a martyr, nor an innocent victim. I do believe that the only reason a guy like Mixon can garner any sympathy from anyone is because the behavior of cops across the country has been so aggressive in recent years. Then, when cops misbehave, their colleagues make every excuse in the book, and even lie to protect them.

This case is a prime example of why the good cops should be in favor of breaking the blue wall.

TNC said...

Rick writes:

"I do believe that the only reason a guy like Mixon can garner any sympathy from anyone is because the behavior of cops across the country has been so aggressive in recent years."

If only it were so simple. The people who identify with Mixon are sociopaths and miscreants (black and white) who place little, if any, value on human life.

To be more specific, most of the posters on Indybay (and the U.S. Indymedia sites) are radical white leftists, totally divorced from reality in "the hood" or anywhere else in the U.S. They live and operate in self-isolated sects and view the police as an "army of brutality and oppression".

As to those in the hood who identify with Mixon, they are the same people who would rob, stab or shoot their fellow people of color without batting an eye.

Seriously, take a look at the crime statistics in Oakland. As RiPPa points out at his blog, the perps as well as the victims are usually young black males.

Robert said...

Message to Certain Blacks in Oakland: I’m Tired of Your Lame Excuses

By Robert Oliver

Yes, that’s right. You love your blackness more than you love common sense, sometimes even more than your own people. Must I sue for divorce from the Black community on the grounds of mental cruelty?

I’m black. I grew up in Chicago, the most segregated city in the North. I’m from “da hood” too. There was a time I experienced racism every day for 4 years there. So I know what racism is about.

But yet, you scream, yell and protest because of a CRIMINAL who murdered four cops. They did not shoot him first. He shot them first. Is that an act of Black bravery, qualifying for the El Hajj Malik Shabazz (Malcolm X) Peace Prize? Is a hero now? (Remember Malcolm had to protect his family, not from white folks, not from cops, but from his own people who eventually killed him.)

You all claim you are like Palestinians in Gaza, in an “occupied territory” as if you are shut in a “prison” with nowhere to go. You are the occupiers. Who took you from Africa and put you in Oakland? Who is keeping you in slavery there? If you don’t like the “oppression,” you should do what you can to leave if you were serious. You are in a prison with unlocked jail cells. You are free to go anywhere, even to Africa, the Motherland, if you wanted to. I don’t hear about oppression in San Francisco. I don’t even hear about oppression in Los Angeles. Even blacks in Chicago don’t scream about oppression as you are doing as bad as things are there.

The whole world watches, and I’m tired of your lame excuses.

Your guy Mixon shot the cops, not even in self-defense. He pulled the trigger first, killing those four cops doing their jobs, and that makes him a Black hero, right? They did not shoot him until he had to be killed because he was killing others. This is what the Los Angeles Times says:

“In October 2007, Lovelle Mixon was released on parole after serving five years of a six-year sentence for assault with a firearm. Within months the 26-year-old Oakland resident was in trouble again, authorities said.

“In February, Mixon was placed on a parole hold as a possible suspect in a homicide in Alameda County, according to Scott Kernan, undersecretary of operations for the state Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation. Prosecutors declined to file charges in that case, saying there was not sufficient evidence, but Mixon was detained on various parole violations and sent back to prison for nine months, Kernan said.
“Here is a look at Mixon's interactions with the parole department since his Nov. 1 release from the California Correctional Center in Susanville, as reported by the department :

“Nov. 3: Mixon reports to his parole agent for an initial interview and undergoes his first mandatory drug test.

“Nov. 5: Mixon reports to Parole and Community Team, a state program that offers a broad range of services to parolees. The agency provides job placement, drug treatment and other services. During the visit, he met with his parole agent and again was tested for drugs.
“Nov. 7: Mixon's parole agent makes an initial residential visit, meeting with Mixon at his mother's home in Oakland. The agent also met with relatives of Mixon to evaluate his living conditions and who he was interacting with while on parole. During the visit, Mixon is referred by the agent to America Work, an employment service.

“Dec. 17: Mixon's parole agent makes a residential visit, also meeting with one of Mixon's cousins as part of their continuing effort to assess his family situation.

“Dec. 19: Mixon reports to the parole office and takes a drug test.

“Jan. 6: Mixon reports to the parole office and takes a drug test.

“Jan. 23: Mixon's parole agent makes a residential visit and refers Mixon to another employment service, Project Choice Employment.

“Feb. 6: Mixon reports to the parole office and takes a drug test.

“Feb. 18: Mixon's parole agent makes a residential visit but cannot locate him.

“Feb. 24: Mixon's parole agent makes another residential visit but Mixon cannot be located. The agent talks with his mother.

“Feb. 26: After another residential visit, the agent still cannot locate Mixon.

“Feb. 27: The parole agent prepares a parolee-at-large report and a warrant is issued for Mixon's arrest. The state Board of Parole Hearings suspends Mixon's parole effective Feb. 19, the day after his parole officer first failed to find him. The case is referred to the corrections department's Fugitive Apprehension Team.

“March 6: The Fugitive Apprehension Team and members of the Oakland Police Department visit three Oakland addresses, including Mixon's mother's home, his address of record. The following week, they distribute a bulletin to the Oakland Police Department. The case is also referred to the U.S. Marshals Service to check on reports that Mixon might have been in the Auburn, Wash., area. They are unable to locate him.

“March 21: Mixon is pulled over by Oakland motorcycle officers for a traffic violation shortly after 1 p.m. Authorities said he began shooting at the officers, killing Sgt. Mark Dunakin, 40, and fatally wounding Officer John Hege, 41. After trying to hide in a nearby apartment building where his sister lives, Mixon kills Oakland SWAT sergeants Ervin Romans, 43, and Daniel Sakai, 35, before he is shot and killed by police.”

I’m really disgusted at your lame excuses. I’m tired of your “wolf cookies.”

I could understand anger if he was shot by a cop for no reason. I could understand if he was not threatening anyone. But this man was a convicted felon on parole (assault with a handgun). He shot the cops first. Get a clue, please. Why do you all want to celebrate a criminal? I remember the good old days when we would celebrate people like Booker T. Washington, Frederick Douglass, Adam Clayton Powell and Martin Luther King, Jr. But we black people have evolved. We are more enlightened now. We have to celebrate our criminal element too, especially our cop-killas. Al Sharpton and the NAACP did that last year for black thugs who tortured, sexually assaulted, and robbed a BLACK woman in Florida. They had no pity for the victim, just for the thugs who tortured her. Are you giving the whole world the impression that blacks seem to care more about criminals than law-abiding people. This is my “I’m-embarrassed-to-be-Black” moment. I understand there a "Stop Snitching" campaign in Oakland? Why? Is it a black thing and I don’t understand? When blacks do crap to other blacks, don't tell the police, right? We have to protect our beloved criminals, right. It is the law-abiding black citizens, especially senior citizens, who live in terror of the black criminals who should go to hell right? It is your own black neighbors who live in oppression because of black thugs, not because of cops.

Why is it we do in each other in when we celebrate our own criminals?

This is what a friend wrote:

“Hi, Robert. This makes me sick to my stomach. I seriously need to plan to move from these United States of America. Some blacks are idiots, and they make me ashamed of my race with this madness. I feel for all the families involved. But he shot the cops first so they were just protecting themselves from this dangerous criminal. What is wrong with black people? He was a criminal not an advocate of any community. Black people wake up please before it’s too late.”

The black editor of the Oakland Tribune Chauncey Bailey was shot dead by a Black Muslim in 2007 in broad daylight. How many of these blacks of you marched and protested that? Were you all demanding justice? Were you all outraged when one of your own gunned down one of your own? Those who knew Bailey were outraged. I did not see outrage from you. I understand “Stop Snitching” was going on there in Oakland about that murder. Again, it is your own black neighbors who live in oppression because of black thugs, not because of cops. Or did you decide it was not really a tragedy since a white man or a cop did not shoot Bailey?

He was down for your community. Were you down for him? Bailey was a strong advocate for the black community, even for those same people who are celebrating Mixon. Yet the outrage in the black community in Oakland was very little. Mixon was not an advocate for the black community at all, a convicted criminal and murderer, and people march and protest and this criminal gets celebrated. He is a role model for all young Black children in Oakland right?

Rev. Walter Hoye, a black minister in Oakland went to jail because he was telling women, including black women, that there was an alternative to abortion. Were any of you outraged over the brother being a “victim” of the white racist justice system? How many of you were protesting with signs ‘FREE REV. HOYE!”?

Is not something wrong with that picture? Keep your lame excuses because they won’t fly, even out of Oakland International Airport.

Robert Oliver is a writer and photographer. He can be reached at

Bird of paradise said...

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