Wednesday, March 25, 2009

CodePink Kids

Gotta love child indoctrination.


kellie said...

Painful comedy. The funniest part was when she guessed Palestine. After all, what else do these tedious grown-ups talk about?

Very good that the interviewer thinks people should find out about the place first. He could begin by checking a map himself. "Halfway between Palestine and China," he says, so as Afghanistan borders China, maybe it borders Palestine too?

Peter Stanton said...

The nature of human experience is that we are all "indoctrinated" by our environments. I'd say it'd be more accurate just to disagree with what the indoctrination is.

Roland Dodds said...

In the broad sense, yes we are all products of the environment we were raised in. But I have an adverse distaste for this kind of child rearing, and this type of thing is very different than simply being influenced by your environment. Maybe it was because I was raised by liberal parents who didn’t press any firm political or religious opinions on me, but to see kids raised in an environment where they are prodded to sound off such simplified and insincere statements seems detrimental to allowing their kids to actually think.

I for one was never asked to put on a show for my parents where I reaffirm their opinions by repeating their slogans on video. In fact, my father would have done the opposite of the guy behind the camera in this video; even if he agreed with what his 8 year old son was saying, he would have played devil’s advocate to force me to consider the statements I made.

This kind of video and the indoctrination is represents, is nothing more than a parent getting their kicks by hearing their kids say the same things they enjoy saying, only this time the father documented it for all the world to see, as if they were pieces of wisdom.

Anonymous said...

The parents can't be THAT liberal. If they were, they would know that Nike's not exactly a company they ought to be supporting. (One kid's wearing a Nike shirt.) They're faux liberals. That's even worse than being conservative.