Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Now Proud?

Victor Hanson sums up the disagreeable feeling I had concerning Obama’s followers after his election and the inauguration pandemonium. He writes:
I thought Jimmy Carter proved a self-righteous disaster and endangered the nation — remember the hostages in Iran, and the rise of radical Islam, the commies in Afghanistan and Central America, the holocaust in Cambodia, the oil mess, the sanctimonious preachy lectures, etc. — but I never thought that only with the ascension of Reagan could I really be again proud of the U.S.

The point? I distilled from the press coverage and the crowds and the punditry yesterday that for all too many suddenly a vote for Obama redeems America...

So I think it would be wise to cool it on the “I am now proud of America” rhetoric. If getting your way means suddenly the dead at Iwo or those who were blown up in B-17s over Germany are at last your own and matter, then we are in deep trouble.

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