Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Hello, Goodbye

I intended to write a piece welcoming Obama into office, and saying farewell to the Bush administration, but since that seems to be well worn territory at this point, I’ll skip the lot of that.

I will say that I was energized to see Obama sworn in, and I have been generally pleased with his statements and appointments prior to taking office. He has a big mission before him, and I hope he is up for it.

As Johnny argued, “Hating George W. Bush was of course frightfully easy.” I surely won’t overlook how disappointingly Democrats acted in response to the Bush administration; the unwillingness of many liberals and Democratic leaders to acknowledge the importance of our mission in Iraq and Afghanistan for short term and petty political gain, was scandalous as far as I am concerned. I was never much a Bush supporter (I never voted for him), but the debates around his presidency can accurately be described as thoughtless and fanatical in the last few years. I foresee Democrats regretting some of their more incredulous claims in the coming years, as Obama and his party face a world filled with problems (many of which can not be laid at the feet of George Bush). The rank and file will hopefully recognize that as incompetent Bush may have been at making speeches and presenting his case, sweet words and vocal intellect will not radically alter the power dynamic in the world. Disagreements and conflicts will not melt away because our Commander in Chief is proficient verbally.

I simply hope Obama doesn’t turn his back on this kind of progress in the battle for Democracy.
“A government-sponsored poll found that nearly three of four Iraqis said they intend to vote in the upcoming elections, and a plurality said they plan to vote for secular candidates.”

Omar from Iraq the Model, adds:
“The Security Council resolution 1859 states, among other things, that Iraq is no longer a threat to its neighbors, region, or the world. The United States has succeeded in transforming a bellicose, autocratic state into a friendly one that is making steady progress towards becoming a self-sustaining democracy — the international community is finally coming to recognize this transformation.

This resolution is bound to make a positive impact on the domestic and regional levels. First and foremost it is a testimony to the United States’ true desire to help Iraq get on its feet and relieve it from restrictions that belong to a past era — the United States is indisputably a friendly protector of Iraq, not an occupier as many like to claim.”

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Anonymous said...

I think history will show that Bush was right about the big issues. I wonder what bush-haters will be saying in 10 years, or will they move on to hating Obama?