Saturday, June 07, 2008

And so it ends…

It is officially official: the 2008 presidential race is between Barack Obama and John McCain. Hillary Clinton gave what I thought was a very good speech today, throwing her “full support” behind his campaign. Like a lot of "conservative" bloggers, I have a lot of respect for Clinton and the way she put up with an adversarial media this primary campaign, and found a way to sound like a centrist democrat in a year where the party was rushing to its left. Perhaps it was no more than political posturing, and was no more than an attempt to say what she needed to say to get votes, but I none the less respected and supported a number of positions she came out swinging with.

To say that the campaign is just now starting is not entirely accurate, but I do think we will start to see a more united front from the Democrats against McCain, and I hope that it will galvanize Republicans to give McCain the resources he will need to win this election.

All is Full of Love

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

I wonder how the international Chavez clique is going to spin this one.
“Under the new intelligence law, which took effect last week, Venezuela’s two main intelligence services, the DISIP secret police and the DIM military intelligence agency, will be replaced with new agencies, the General Intelligence Office and General Counterintelligence Office, under the control of Mr. Chávez.

The new law requires people in the country to comply with requests to assist the agencies, secret police or community activist groups loyal to Mr. Chávez
. Refusal can result in prison terms of two to four years for most people and four to six years for government employees.”

(HT Harry’s Place)

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Something Worth Protesting

With all the idiots complaining about beef imports in Korea, I figured I would some pictures from a very small Free Tibet event in Seoul a few weeks back.

Sunday, June 01, 2008

You want to roll Korean Protesters? Let’s roll

(Update below)
A few weeks back, I thought these protests against American beef imports would blow over and was just the same old groups (funded and organized by the North) doing all in its power to hurt a president that is not Kim Jong-ill’s best bud. I was apparently wrong, with the president’s standing in Korea plummeting, and with the public opinion increasingly siding with these morons in the streets, I personally fear for Korean society and its ability to engage in a rational debate on something as mundane as food imports.

More importantly, I think we should give the Korean left exactly what it wants. Let’s end the FTA and other beneficial trade programs with Korea. These vapid fools holding candlelight vigils (a disgrace in and of itself) will jump up and down like they just won the World Cup, but then reality will hit the rest of Korea.

For you see, Korean protester, trade is a two way street. Let’s forget for a moment that American beef is overwhelmingly safe (especially compared to some of the meat coming out of your country), and would be cheaper and allow your average consumer to buy more and eat better for less. You can put all of those facts behind you for the moment. Just think about all the cheap cell phones, cars, and electronics that America gets from Korea (with very low or no tariffs thanks to the dreaded FTA), and how those goods are the bedrock of the Korean economy. South Korea’s relative wealth did not come from protectionism, but it has surely come from liberalizing their economy and from trade with other nations.

So you won’t hold up your trade agreements with the US? Fine. We will not uphold ours, and you can sell your goods on your own shores. The only reason America has not retaliated in this way (as the Chinese have, and justifiably so), is because most people are not paying attention to that ranting and raving of your populace and some of its elected officials. But this is an election year, and American’s are not terribly thrilled about the benefits to our country through these trade agreements, and are just looking for a reason to be rid of them.

I recommend writing all your elected officials, and get them on board with “Operation Total Dick.” The only reason protests against Korea take on the character and size that they do is because everyone believes the American gravy train will continue unabated; America is the easiest target because there will be no consequence for the extreme and ridiculous actions taken by Korean protesters.

Let’s give Korea what it wants, and lets temporarily ban imports form Korea until they uphold their agreements.

UPDATE: And now, the idiot classes have succeeded in delaying the import of US beef. Most definitely time to write up an elected official.