Friday, February 29, 2008

Harry Leaves Afghanistan

Because of the recent press coverage, Prince Harry has been pulled out of Afghanistan, after serving more than 10 weeks at the front lines. Even though I don’t care for the man personally, and if I were a British citizen I would be up in arms about having a monarchy over my head, I have no problem giving Harry props for what he has done.

The Other Irish Candidate

Hat tip to Dean’s World.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Santa Cruz Activists Get Even Denser

The Santa Cruz activist community is at it again, but they may have gone too far this time, even amongst their generally sympathetic local. According to Indybay:

“On February 24th, police broke through the front door of a home on the 700 block of Riverside Avenue in downtown Santa Cruz at about 10pm.

According to some kid, the police presence was a response to a legal demonstration that took place on the same morning at the home of a vivisector at UC Santa Cruz.”

Wow, ‘some kid’! Now that’s a source! And what could this “legal demonstration” have been to cause such an arrest by the Santa Cruz police department? Surely the police are just picking on those poor defenseless activists, right? Well you wouldn’t know from Indybay, but a walk over to the Santa Cruz Sentinel sheds some light on the whole situation.
“Sunday's incident is chilling on several levels and cannot be viewed as yet another "protest" by activists.'

What happened Sunday, according to UCSC, appears to be another in "a series of recent incidents targeting UC faculty, students and staff who conduct biomedical research using animals." These incidents, according to the university, include "intimidation, trespassing, vandalism and property damage." Sunday's attack crossed even those lines, as six activists wearing bandanas apparently attempted to break into the Westside home of a female UCSC biomedical researcher at home with her children and husband, who was slightly injured in the attack. The researcher told the Sentinel she was frightened by the attack, which may have occurred because she works with mice to find more effective treatments for breast cancer.”

I think the activist community should probably sue the lawyer they learned their definition of “legal” from.

I am not surprised that these protester types would try and spin the entire situation into one where they are the targets of an unjust police search for simply protesting, but as any rational individual can see, the activist community that spawned the ridiculous tree sit, has become truly unhinged in Santa Cruz. At what point did they think it would be acceptable to attack a woman and her family at her home? And how sympathetic did they feel the community would be for attacking someone trying to find a cure for cancer? It boggles my mind to see people so brainless.

The scientist attacked by these fucking idiots responded to this attack by saying:
"I'm a scientist, I do research that's really valuable," she said. "One in seven women get breast cancer."

She also said she refused to move from her Westside Santa Cruz home, where police say six masked intruders banged on her door and tried to forcefully enter.
"I'm going to keep on keeping on," she said. "It's my home."

Good for you. As for the children who thought they would play revolutionary by attacking a scientist’s family need to drop out of school, and find a bridge to jump off of.

Apparently, animal rights terrorist Peter Young was in town this last weekend to give a lecture. Coincidence?

Now the FBI is involved in the investigation into the animal rights terrorist groups in Santa Cruz. Peter Young also apparently now lives in Santa Cruz, and may have been present at the home the police raided.