Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Tree Sits Come Down, Go Up

Berkeley’s pointless tree-sit ended a few months ago, but their counterparts in Santa Cruz are still shitting in buckets up in UCSC’s upper campus.

But that may be coming to an end soon, as they are apparently entering the “Mediation Process” with the university. Based on the low turnout to recent solidarity protests, this is hardly surprising. Their entire mission was ill-conceived and illogical from the get go, and it was only a mater of time till they threw in the towel and moved on to yet another doomed and pointless cause.

Or perhaps, they can head up to Humboldt, where yet another tree pooping activist appears to have occupied a couple redwoods. Better yet, my father plans to cut down a tree on his property this weekend; perhaps they can set up camp there! I guarantee pops won’t be as patient as the university bureaucrats they are used to dealing with.

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TNC said...

One of my ex gfs was a part-time tree sitter in Berkeley back in the 90s (Willard Park). Glad she wasn't pooping in buckets, pouring pee on people, or doing anything gross like that. She only stayed up there for a few hours at a time.

"Recently, a new group of broadcasters protesting the shutdown of Free Radio Berkeley began a tree-sit in the top of a large redwood tree in Willard Park in Berkeley. Broadcasting as Tree Radio Berkeley, this particularly tireless small group endured several harsh rainstorms and 50mph winds as they remained in the tree for 13 days."

Ah, youth...