Tuesday, November 04, 2008

No on Prop 8

I voted “No” on Prop 8 (or rather, saying yes to legally upholding gay marriage in California), but this ad is so over the top, it’s hard to believe it was created to begin with.

Even the progressives have folks they have no problem discriminating against.


Daniel Stark said...

My god, I mean it is fine to disagree on something like Prop. 8, yet I've never seen such a blatant anti-Morman ad in my life.

TNC said...

Are you surprised that it passed? Similar props passed in Florida and Missouri as well.

Roland Dodds said...

I am a bit surprised it passed. About a month prior, polls looked like it was going to fail and that people were over the whole gay marriage fight.

I guess not.

TNC said...

Social conservatives are still riled up about gay marriage and conservatives in general are sick of courts "legislating from the bench."