Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Looking Good for Lieberman

If Obama was serious about “fixing” Washington, I have recently argued that he should not only keep Lieberman happy in the Democratic caucus, but let Lieberman hold is chairmanships as well. It looks like he may do just that.
"President-elect Obama has told Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid he's not interested in seeing Democrats oust Connecticut Sen. Joe Lieberman from their ranks over his endorsement of Republican John McCain.

Obama told Reid in a phone conversation last week that expelling Lieberman from the Democratic caucus would hurt the message of bipartisanship and unity that he wants for his new administration, a Senate Democratic aide said Tuesday. This aide spoke on condition of anonymity because the discussions were confidential."

While Lieberman endorsing McCain observably gets under the skin of many Democratic activists, this is still a man that overwhelmingly supports the Democrats on the social issues. Throwing him out of the Party for his continued support of the Iraq War (something many Democrats supported) while ignoring the fact that he is staunchly Democratic on a large swath of their program, would be foolish for Obama and the Democrats to do.


Peter Stanton said...

It looks good for Obama too for him to be making that stand. Hopefully he can keep reaching for what he's said with his rhetoric.

Roland Dodds said...

I agree Peter. For folks like me, Obama would come out of this situation looking good, and someone serious about pulling in a number of different figures to accomplish some of his bigger social policies.

I have long argued that if the Democratic Party throws out all the centrist minded foreign policy figures, it will hurt the Party going forward. Lieberman has come to characterize ‘our’ position within the Democratic Party, so I am delicately tuned to how they go about treating him.

Andrew Elder said...

Lieberman played a big role in blocking investigation into, questioning of or funding reallocation away from actions that made no difference in the fight against terror but which damaged what the US was fighting for (e.g. anything that ended up at Guantanamo).

I agree with you about his domestic record though (if you don't count civil rights as part of 'domestic record'). What about shifting Lieberman to chair of the Health policy committee, or transport policy? That way he gets to burnish his domestic credentials and all that difficulty surrounding being hypnotised by Dick Cheney can be forgotten.

Leon said...

Can’t say on the HS shat, but sending him to som health committee would be a disgrace. The man should stay right where he is.