Saturday, November 08, 2008

Kurds Congratulate Obama

The Kurdistan Regional Government, the very people Obama was willing to abandon back in 2006, congratulates him on becoming our next President. They write:
“The next Administration, like the present one, can continue to count on the partnership of the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) to bring progress to Iraq. The Kurdistan Region remains America's best friend and ally in support of a democratic, federal Iraq. We are proud to have fought side-by-side with American and coalition forces to remove a tyrannical dictator.

We deeply appreciate the many sacrifices of the US military and the American people in Iraq. No American soldier or civilian has been killed in the Kurdistan Region since the liberation of Iraq in 2003. And all the while, we have demonstrated that a democracy based on human rights and economic opportunity can thrive in the Middle East.”

They also have kind words for John McCain.
“We offer a warm acknowledgment to Senator John McCain, an American hero and long time friend to Iraq and the Kurdistan Region…”

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Daniel Stark said...

Luckily for them, Iraq's security has improved, making the possibility of a stable withdrawal better today (than the quick withdrawal which would usher in chaos, like in 2006). Hopefully Obama has enough sense to keep the progress going in Iraq.