Thursday, November 27, 2008

Iraqi Developments

Thomas Donnelly has a new piece with the AEI about the future of Iraq now that a security pact between our countries has been agreed upon. He writes:
Five and one-half years is a long time, and the United States has paid a high price in blood and treasure, but make no mistake, this is what we have been fighting for: an Iraq with an increasingly legitimate, effective and representative central government; an Iraq increasingly aligned with the United States instead of constantly at war with us; and a bulwark of strategic stability in a volatile region.”
He also sheds light on how Iran fits into this newfound authority in Iraq.
The agreement represents a serious setback for Iran. The Islamic Republic has lost and apparently still is losing influence in Iraq. The Tehran regime has been vehemently opposed to this agreement, strongly pressuring the Maliki government and portraying the negotiations as evidence of U.S. and Western neo-colonialism.”
Well worth a read. The entire SOFA document can be found here.

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jams o donnell said...

I hope Iraq's relative peace continues. The ordinary Iraqi, like everyone else on this planet, deserves peace and prossperity