Thursday, October 30, 2008

Regardless of whom you are voting for next week, this is a fascinating story, and says a lot about how much a country can change during one individual’s lifetime.
Daughter of Slave Votes for Obama

Amanda Jones, 109, the daughter of a man born into slavery, has lived a life long enough to touch three centuries. And after voting consistently as a Democrat for 70 years, she has voted early for the country's first black presidential nominee.

The middle child of 13, Jones, who is African American, is part of a family that has lived in Bastrop County for five generations. The family has remained a fixture in Cedar Creek and other parts of the county, even when its members had to eat at segregated barbecue dives and walk through the back door while white customers walked through the front, said Amanda Jones' 68-year-old daughter, Joyce Jones.


Ronald Coleman said...

This actually is kind of awesome!

Roland Dodds said...

I agree Ron. It’s amazing to think of the changes that this woman has seen throughout America and the world in her lifetime.

Somewhat unrelated, but years ago I involved in the physical therapy of a gentleman that was born 5 years before the Bolshevik revolution in Russia. It was amazing to me that this man, still sharp and clever, predated the Soviet Union and then outlived it.

I sure hope someone in this woman’s family has taken the time to document her life story before it’s too late.

cokey mccokerson said...

Man, the person who sent you that story must be pretty awesome.

I still like the old man who electrified the sign in his yard.

jams o donnell said...

Wow Roland what a span of history. WHat changes has she seen in her life!