Sunday, October 05, 2008

Obama’s Vision for Europe

Obama’s senior foreign policy advisor, Gregory B. Craig had some interesting things to say to the EU Observer last week, specifically on Obama’s commitment to the expansion of NATO into Eastern Europe. He said:
“The US and Europe will have to co-operate with Russia in areas where they have "common objectives and common ground," especially on non-proliferation - reduction of the global nuclear arsenal, security of nuclear materials and challenges such as North Korea and Iran - senator Obama's foreign policy man explained.

"[But] that doesn't mean that you trade away our security commitments to the new members of NATO, that's not even thinkable. I always remember the notion that the expansion of NATO was not a threat to Russia, that this was a decision not by NATO to move east, but a decision by the new democracies from the former Soviet space to integrate with the West."

"The notion that you choose to co-operate with Russia vis-a-vis Iran at the expense of central and eastern Europe, I just don't accept that. That's not viable and it won't happen that way," Mr Craig said.
He also stated that Obama’s presidency would support the missile defense system in Poland, which is comforting to hear.

Unfortunately, Craig also elaborated on some of Obama’s less than realistic or desirable foreign policy beliefs. He states:
"As flawed as it is, [the UN] is still the place people go to solve [international] problems. Not only about war and peace, but also about poverty and development, disease and the future of the planet.”
Really? Can Craig legitimately look at the UN’s track record over the last 10 years and say such a thing with a straight face?

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