Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Not Done Yet

Obama may look to have this election locked, but that isn’t stopping Democrats from fearing the worst.
The Democrats are poised on the brink of victory. And they cannot stand it. The news is too good. Something has to go wrong.

On Saturday, Charlie Cook, an independent analyst and author of the Cook Report, wrote: “This election isn’t over, but it is looking very bad for Republicans — and seems to be getting worse.”

This plunged the Democrats into a deep gloom. Good news is always bad news for them.”
Roger Simon’s piece may be a tongue in cheek look at the Democrat’s consistent ability to lose elections, but Noam Scheiber at the New Republic sees a number of scenarios that can produce a loss for Obama in November.


Peter Stanton said...

Actually I am kind of scared Obama may lose, but on the other hand it is literally impossible for me to imagine McCain winning. I'm not that worried, but I'm not surprised that we liberals are.

Roland Dodds said...

While I have already voted Peter, I am still torn over my vote. I go back and forth over which ticket would be best to lead the country in the next 4 years. So the reports that Obama is destined to take the election at this point come with some mixed feeling on my part.

cokey mccokerson said...

There's still a chance that Palin drops out to take care of her family, McCain drops out for health concerns, Biden steps down because that's Joe just being Joe, and we find out Obama really was born in Kenya.

Then Hillary steps forward to run President, choses Lieberman for her VP and they face off against Newt Gingrich and Fred Thompson.

That'd be awesome.