Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The SP-USA Comment on Obama

JB at the Union News has brought to my attention a recent comment from David Schaich, a Socialist Party USA leader, who commented on the Socialist Party’s support for the Obama campaign. According to JB, he had this to say:
“I have not heard of a single Socialist Party member who supports the Obama campaign, and such support would be in violation of the Socialist Party Constitution, which states (Article VI, Section 2) that Socialist Party members may support candidates of other political parties only in
the absence of a Socialist Party candidate. Since the Socialist Party has a Presidential ticket, any members who support other presidential campaigns are doing so without our sanction and in violation of our constitution.

The Socialist Party is completely independent of the Democratic Party, and does not support it or its candidates, including Barack Obama.”

Schaich also touches upon the difference between the SP-USA and Democratic Socialists of America, which I explain in the piece. Oddly enough, from what I can tell, the Union News appears to be a rather conservative website, and I am not sure if its just a bread of unionism I am not familiar with, or is a site intended to show union related failures and problems.


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SnoopyTheGoon said...

Interesting parties... Never knew about their existence, thanks.

tnc said...

Union News is a strange website. It appears to be edited by someone with sympathies for the “union democracy” movement as well as conservative unionism. This is puzzling given the folks calling for more internal democracy tend to be on the left wing of the union movement. The critiques of ACORN are interesting but nothing new. ACORN has a long record of anti-union activism that some would deem union-busting.