Sunday, August 24, 2008

Clinton Supporters not Happy

With Joe Biden selected as Obama’s running mate, I am sure the Democratic National Committee is looking to unite the Party behind its candidates during the convention, but some Clinton supporters are not having it.
“With three prime-time Clinton family speeches, a series of out door rallies and political cheerleaders on the floor to encourage fans, it won't take a proclamation for anyone to know whose convention this really is.

It's Hillary's party - at least for the first few days. Protests are planned today through Thursday in support of her failed candidacy, she'll speak in prime time on Tuesday (introduced by daughter Chelsea), and Bill Clinton will speak Wednesday night.

Along with 18 Million Voices, The Rise 2008 and other Clinton-backing organizations, PUMA will run an office in Denver handing out Hillary bumper stickers, buttons and T-shirts.

The groups are planning a candlelight vigil for Hillary tomorrow night, a march through Denver and a rally Tuesday ahead of her speech, and smaller demonstrations Wednesday and Thursday, Murphy said.”

Ugh. Not more candlelight vigils. I remember when these things were intended for natural disasters, genocide, and the like, not for cheap political stunts.

Biden was surely a safe choice for Obama to make, and he does bring some foreign policy experience to the ticket. However, Rasmussen reports that the pick is not popular among Obama’s young and idealistic base, nor is it popular with women. I doubt the youthful base is going to abandon Obama, but the woman vote is a threat to his candidacy, and he is going to need these Clinton supporters to win.

Republicans are doing all they can to stroke this division as well, with McCain saying Clinton was snubbed by Obama, and with Giuliani stating, The strong choice would have been Hillary Clinton. You almost have to go to extraordinary lengths to avoid her as the vice presidential pick of the party.It will be interesting to see what Clinton and her supporters do at the convention.

Outside the convention in Denver, you will find the same old motley crew of protesters that you have seen a thousand times before, and ZombieTime will be there to document it.

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Daniel Stark said...

Normally, I would say that a nominee can pick whoever s/he wants, yet wow, 18 million (estimate) people voted for HRC? That's a lot of people. Yet most people knew Obama wasn't going to be pick her, I heard she wasn't even being vetted. Ouch.