Monday, July 07, 2008

Oh that Hitchens Watch

I troll through Christopher Hitchens Watch every now and then after noticing that some of the dimmest morons posting comments at Harry’s Place were affiliated with the site. So should I be surprised that they happen to be 9/11 Truthers as well?

No? .......Well I was just asking.


Daniel Stark said...

I'm so very surprised (ha!).

I actually go to Hitchens Watch a lot, but not for the sites intended purpose, I go there to get up to date Hitchens articles. I always have trouble finding them (and this site acts faster than most) and the site is a great resource.

If you really want something sad, read the post (and comments) on Tim Russert's death. Real eye rolling material.

iknowwhosonicis said...

If you want up to date Hitchens then go to the DSTPFW -- much quicker.

Sonic said...

Thanks for bringing down the average IQ of the site chums!



Roland Dodds said...

Anyway I can help Sonic. Although I must say, when you publish rambling 9/11 conspiracy nonsense, I doubt your compatriots have an IQ to lower.

E.D. Kain said...

I didn't know there was an entire site dedicated to "watching" Hitchens. They should be "reading" him instead. Might learn a thing or two!

hydralisk said...

Watch and gnash their teeth is about what they can do. Anyone who actually tries to go up against Hitchens in debate...we know what happens then. There isn't much of them left to bury.

SnoopyTheGoon said...

Usually it is sad cases who dedicate themselves to watching a person or a blog or a newspaper. These don't seem to be an exception.

Oh well, there is still a lot of room for more morons on this globe, it appears.