Wednesday, July 30, 2008

McCain Supporters….in SF?

ZombieTime has a new post up about the protests related to McCain’s San Francisco visit, and was surprised to find that of the 250 people present, half were pro-McCain counter protesters.

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TNC said...

The Latino and Asian contingents for McCain (in SF of all places) are encouraging. 18 cities in the Bay Area have populations that are over 25% Asian/Pacific Islander. They could prove to be the wild-card in California.

I suspect most Latinos in California (majority Mexican American) will vote for Obama. Same with the Jewish vote in California (overwhelmingly "liberal").

But the situation is looking different in Florida. The majority of the Latino population in that state is Cuban American. They have a much more conservative voting record than Mexican Americans. Plus I think McCain will get a higher percentage of the Florida Jewish vote than Reagan. These two groups could give McCain the edge he needs in the state.

I dig Zombietime. Glad to see s/he is still posting photos.