Sunday, July 06, 2008

Democratic Activists Will Believe Anything

You would think that rescuing a handful of hostages who had been held for years by terrorists in Colombia without firing a single shot would be something worth celebrating on all ends of the political divide. Well think again! As some left-leaning pundits have been claiming (on networks like MSNBC no less), the whole event was manufactured to benefit McCain (who was in Colombia at the time). Here is what the Democratic Underground had to say:

“It was a set-up from the get-go, choreographed by the Bush administration and eagerly embraced by Colombia's narco-president, Alvaro Uribe. Yesterday's liberation of high-profile hostages in Colombia was merely the gloss for the larger rescue mission: to save Senator John McCain's flagging presidential campaign.”
Yep, this mission (that was in the works for years), was all an elaborate ploy by the McCain campaign. McCain had such foresight, that he was able to predict that he would be running for President and need a media boost at about this specific time. That McCain is a cunning guy I tell ya!

Some of our chums at the Huffington Post had this to say about the remarkable mission:
“This goes to show just how far the tentacles of the fascist machine go. What a manufactured event! People were trying to say it was only coincidence that McCain was there at the time.”
Now there are tentacles? This is turning into a bad Japanese animated porn film rather quick.
“Went to Colombia to talk about free trade my @$$!! This is so transparent!!”
You are right comrade: since McCain is part of the evil "Zionist" conspiracy, there is no moment in time where he isn’t involved in fooling the populace in the hope that he can create endless war and eat succulent babies.

Welcome to the activist wing of the Democratic Party!

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homesickamerican said...

this kind of stuff is exactly why i call myself "a leiberman democrat."