Tuesday, June 17, 2008

When an “Endorsement” is Worthless

How weak is it to endorse a candidate after he has already won? If I were Barak Obama, that’s what I would be asking myself.
“Al Gore made his debut in the 2008 presidential campaign Monday night, encouraging voters to back Barack Obama because "take it from me, elections matter."

The former vice president's speech at the Joe Louis Arena was part endorsement and part blistering attack on the man who denied him the White House eight years ago.”

We expect you to advocate for Obama at this point in the campaign: he is your party’s nominee! Now if you came out swinging for Bob Barr, that would be something. Getting up on the stump and acting like you were pushing for his candidacy all along looks pretty feeble, seeing that Obama could have surely used that endorsement in the months in which he was battling Hillary Clinton.


Cokey McCokerson said...

Bob Barr, now that's a man I can get behind.


The race won't get interesting until we know the VPs. And as much as I want to support McCain, he's gotta stop running to the right. The far right's going to plug their noses and pull the lever for him no matter what, so he should work on not alienating the 70% of the country who don't agree with Bush's policies.

Roland Dodds said...

I never want to imagine Bob Barr and Al Gore in that situation again Cokey!

I think McCain can do without the right wing of his party, but most strategists don’t seem to think so. And frankly, I would be happy if he didn’t stumble through every speech he makes from here on it. If he keeps to his argument on Iraq and the War on terror, I will continue to support him.