Thursday, June 26, 2008

This Just in: Santa Cruz “Anarchists” Get Stupider!

From reading Indybay Santa Cruz recently, I gather that “anarchist” related vandalism is on the rise in the costal college town. With ATMs being smashed, independent eco-friendly shops getting their windows broken, and now church stained glass pelted, the sad state of affairs amongst the left in the Monterey Bay keeps hitting newer and stupider lows. Here are just a few things these fools had to say about their “revolutionary actions.”
“And how great it felt to hear the giant plate glass shatter along with the illusion that commerce is invulnerable to our attacks. It was so easy it makes us giddy to think that such an act is infinitely reproducible. Not an hour out of our lives was wasted.” – Inspired Anarchist
Idiot. I would like to be part of this “infinitely reproducible” act and smash all this kids Crass records. Revolution dude!
“This summer will see broken ATM screens and bank windows across Santa Cruz, the West Coast, Europe, and the Americas. Perhaps you will be one of those smashing them, on your own or with a few close friends. When the bank forecloses your house, evicts you from your apartment, takes the last money you need for food, what will you do? What will you do when a wild place you love is destroyed by those the bank supports, or by the University of California? What will you do when a friend or loved one, or anyone you identify with, is locked up in jail? What will you do?” - an act of revolutionary solidarity
Moron. What will I do when one of my loved ones is locked in jail? Well, I would probably go get a bail bond. So over to the ATM I go….oh wait, the machine is all fucked up! Damn you holier-than-thou anarchists!
“We killed God a long time ago, and last night started demolishing His Churches and Temples, which have committed the unforgivable sin of existing in the first place.

We want to destroy every pillar of civilization: indoctrination, morality, religion, Law, Authority, obedience, herd mentality, mass opiates and collective suicide. We are not sheep, we are werewolves!”
- Nihilist Vengeance
Turd-sandwich. Werewolves? Come on now…..really? And why can’t a werewolf also attend church? It’s not like they are werewolves on Sunday mornings, so they don’t seem to be mutually exclusive. Being a nefarious Neocon, I much prefer vampires to those hairy beasts anyhow. See, we don’t destroy our clothes every full moon.

And how does one kill God? Is their some type of Kryptonite that you can use?

More importantly, when did this get to be what the radical left was about? Has it always been this way, and have I only recently realized it? Or has radical politics gotten so nihilistic and aimless that it is content to smash up small independent shops and hurl stones at community churches?

These children are totalitarians and nothing more. At the heart of their ideology and belief structure, is a hatred for choice and personal liberty. They despise the idea that some choose to hang about a church on Sunday and buy clothing for their kids at a local boutique. They loathe the fact that they have lost the war of ideas, and realizing that they will never win the minds of the people to their pointless and rudderless cause, have opted to being nothing more than a nuisance in communities that will tolerate their juvenile behavior.

As for the comments made by “an act of revolutionary solidarity,” I would like to pose a counter question to your torrent of twaddle: when do you plan to grow out of your diapers and actually engage in a debate of ideas rather than your small acts of vandalism? Do you fear having your ideas stand on their own two feet, or are you simply too incompetent to stand on yours?

In the meantime, please refrain from being an irritant to the community you live in. Even hotbeds of “progressivism” and “understanding” like Santa Cruz have their limits, so it’s best to keep your anti-everything drivel regulated to coffee houses and bagel dumpsters.


TNC said...

I used to give you a hard time for visiting Indy after knowing good and well what b.s. it is. But I have to admit I’ve started to go back on occasion and check things out as well. The Bay Area site is pretty kooky but the one that takes the cake is Portland. Those people are so far gone, they make nonsensical UC Berkeley tree sits sound darn right sober by comparison.

I agree with your analysis. People adopt these ultra-rad, far out political poses when they realize they cannot convince people of the relevance of their ideas. Then they can proceed to call everyone else “sheep” and claim they are “political conscious.” It’s a fairly common pattern with groups on the loony left and wingnut right.

But I think vandalism is deeper than politics, going back to our childhood. I think a lot of boys like to throw things. Our elders try to channel that drive into, if not socially useful labor, entertainment and exercise. Throw a ball around for a few hours and you will not want to throw rocks.

However, there will always be those who fall through the cracks. Whether they dislike sports, or lack the parental guidance, or some other factor, these kids like to throw things other than balls. Many of them also like to break things. Add the two together and you have an activity that is hard to beat. It is genuinely enjoyable for them. When this childish behavior gets linked to some vague form of political activity it is downright addictive for a teen (and the comments read like teens).

I suspect these young “revolutionaries” are confused and extremely bored. They are basically kids and most of them will move on from this childishness when they move out of town, get jobs, go to college, and get on with their lives. At least that is the way things usually work.

That’s not to excuse their behavior. They should be given the appropriate punishment, whether juvenile or adult. Breaking the window of a business is one thing, maybe criminal mischief at the most for an adult. Someone under 18 may even be able to pay restitution and have nothing placed on their criminal record. But destroying government property (court house windows) is something the Santa Cruz authorities will take much more seriously. As far as rocking the stained glass windows of the church, you almost wonder if these fool(s) want to get locked up. Doing this much damage and posting it on an open publishing site, dude is either not that bright, self-destructive, or most likely a large bit of both.

If I were a real radical I’d say the Indy posts and the vandalism were all the work of COINTELPRO to discredit anarcho-vandalism and the revolution.

Peter Stanton said...

I don't understand why you see these people as being on the left. They're obviously just stupid and not of any political substance, and if you put them into any political quadrant anarchists would obviously fall in with Libertarians.

Roland Dodds said...

I agree NC, these are likely kids who are acting out and doing it under the guise that they are revolutionary agents. Most will grow up and look back on their actions and say “what the fuck was I thinking?” Lord knows I have had a few of those reflections.

What troubles me is that there exists within the anarchist community ideals and literature that glorify this very thing. While the perpetrators of these acts are likely children, they are using the ideology provided to them by those who are not.

Peter: I consider them part of the left because they see themselves as such. They use the language the new-left has developed since the late 60s, and see themselves as “revolutionary” actors.

Now obviously, they don’t represent all the left. In fact, they represent a tiny fraction of it. I would put myself somewhere on the left as well, and I have very little in common with these guys. But having spent enough time running around with folks on the fringe left, I know that while there may be a few who actually do stupid things like I listed in this post, there is a swath of intellectuals and groups who justify acts of vandalism and violence. So when some kids take their ideas to their logical conclusions, I would like to remind folks of it.

Dandy has a posse said...

Acting tough in a rich kid’s town like Santa Cruz is about as revolutionary as Calvin Coolidge.

TNC said...

Peter, these people are posting their infantile manifestos on one of the primary libertarian-left news forums, Indymedia. This sort of “fuck shit up” mentality is quite common on the fringes of the libertarian-left in Seattle, Portland, the Bay, L.A., NYC and especially in Europe. My buddy in Athens won’t even go to demos anymore because of the violence. And he is a self-described anarchist.

As far as your political analysis, the anarchist movement from its inception viewed itself as part of the International socialist movement (or, “left”). For example, the main debates in the First International (International Workingman’s Association) were between Marx (scientific socialism) and Bakunin (libertarian socialism). As you know, Bakunin along with Proudhon (another socialists) were the godfathers of the anarchist movement. Moving into the 20th century, the anarcho-syndicalists of Spain, Italy and France also saw themselves as part of the international left.

The arrival of anarcho-capitalism or, the form of libertarianism advocated by the Libertarian Party is a relatively recent development and mostly restricted to the U.S.

Lastly, stupid acts are not the provenance of the left or right.

TNC said...

More re: anarcho-numbnuts:

Anonymous said...

"Civilization", although it is hardly civilized, needs to come down before life on this planet can exist in peace. The actions of these anarchists are highly commendable, although window smashing and the like is not nearly as effective as firebombing and their time and energy could be better spent on logging equipment, dams, animal testing facilities and multinational terrorist organizations such as the United States Government, Weyerhauser, Monsanto, Shell, etc.

Disclaimer for FBI and Homeland Security eyes:
I merely support these actions philosophically and do not engage in them.